Please follow the instructions here to submit details of your team and pay the necessary fees

In the first instance, a representative of the team should use the form here to send details of all team members to the organisers.

Following that, individual team members are requested to complete the payments for registration and options, as detailed below.

Registration for the games comprises the basic registration fee, which all participants must pay, plus, in addition, players need to pay the player registration fee. So, for example, registration for an umpire will be (1 x basic fee) = 6,000 Yen only, but a player will need to pay (1 x basic fee) + (1 x player fee) = 12,000 Yen.

The basic registration includes a games T-shirt, rucksack and towel.

Additionally, there is the option, as add-ons, to pay for attendance at the opening ceremony, on the evening of the 15th of March, and 'bento' meals for lunch on the 15th, 16th and 17th of March.

'Bento' meals: These are good quality lunch boxes that include a drink. When playing at the satellite grounds, there is a supermarket nearby, from which food may be purchased. But, for the main ground, it will be difficult to get to a convenience store or any other place to buy food during the day (although drinks are easily available.). There may be a hamburger van, but this is not certain. He was there one year but maybe he didn't do enough business to return. So, if you don't want to be fretting about where your lunch is coming from, buying the three day bento package is a sound option.

The opening ceremony: This is a good bash and a significant effort is made to book quality entertainers. Usually including a mixture of traditional Japanese music and dance together with a fine buffet that will leave you satisfied in every way as you walk back to your accommodation.

One person per registration. Please be sure that the name that you are using for the payments is exactly the same as that submitted in the team details.

Any questions, please use the contact form.

Basic registration
6,000 JPY
Player registration
6,000 JPY
Bento meals (3)
2,100 JPY
Opening ceremony
6,500 JPY